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Do You...

Wake up in the mornings feeling dreary of the day ahead, emotional because of uncertainty, stress and anxiety?

Feel that there is a battle between what your head tells you and what your heart feels, which brings you much dismay?

Want to feel at ease and at peace with yourself and others?

Wish to live life with more clarity and significance?

Live a Life That Matters

Heart-Centred Living

Countless people face the same inner conflicts and crossroads for different reasons. We are each at our unique points in life due to circumstances, commitments and responsibilities. 

So you are not alone. 

Knowing that everything in life can change is your first step towards living a life that matters. 

The decision to change takes courage, clarity, and more importantly compassion for yourself. Connecting yourself to your Heart brings out all these, so that you can heal and transform. Your Heart speaks to you everyday, but often in whispers, drowned by the noises of the mind as well as the noises of the environment. 

How do you find that voice within you so that you can start living from your Heart, with clarity and significance?

Let us create the space in you to start the change now.


The Power of Your Heart

Your heart is the first organ that is formed when you were still an embryo. It's the first sign of your existence when it starts beating. And as you grow, your heart sustains your life power. It is an amazing organ in the physical sense.


What is less known is its power in the energetic sense. Dr Rollin McCraty, PhD scientist and director of research at HeartMath Institute, explained in his book - The Energetic Heart - that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Through measurements of the heart via electrocardiogram (ECG) and the brain via electroencephalogram (EEG), it is found that the heart is 100 times stronger electrically and 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.

Heart EM (2).png

HeartMath Institute also showed that this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet from a person’s body and even between two individuals in close proximity. This is the reason we sometimes find that we can resonate with the emotions of the people around us, or sense the mood in the room that we enter. This heart energy field is in a torus form, the same form of the electromagnetic fields of atoms, earth, solar system and galaxies.


The Institute has found that the human heart possesses a level of intelligence and plays a greater role in our mental, emotional, and physical processes than what was previously known. The presence of sensory neurites in the heart allows it to function like the brain's neurons, and new science has revealed that the brain receives many of its instructions from the heart. While the electromagnetic field of the brain stores our learned thoughts, the electromagnetic field of the heart stores our learned emotions. The power of our heart, then, is our ability to sense and tap into this field of knowledge to bring about clarity for ourselves.

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We are unique individual beings. And so are our needs. Your journey to learn how to tap into your heart for clarity will be different from others, and hence only through specially curated modules will you be able to receive the optimal results for your healing and transformation.

At the Space With-In, we work closely with you to recognise the infinite potential and resources within you that you can leverage on to overcome your challenges and become a better version of yourself. We help you to build courage, clarity and compassion for yourself, so that you can live a life that matters to you.

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To harness emotional intelligence for self-mastery
To live a life of significance and purpose
To make a positive difference to others' lives

Meet Karen

Casual Headshot.JPG

"I am a working mother of 4, and I often find myself balancing my needs amongst family, work and passion. I have spent more than 18 years in the public healthcare and social service sectors directing, building and improving care systems and processes for the community of Singapore, including the elderly. I have also spent many years volunteering for the less advantaged locally and overseas, in hope that I can help improve lives in small ways. 

It wasn't always clear to me what I want and need in life, especially with the ever changing life circumstances when I got married and had children. Priorities shifted; demands and challenges evolved every single day. With help, I found clarity in my life so that I can continue living it with significance. This positive effect on me ripples to everyone and everything around me, and life just seems to flow in ways that are for my highest and greatest good, which I am utterly grateful for. 

As I hold this gratitude in me, I wish to extend this love to the beings around me so that I can continue to make a difference whilst juggling my multiple roles. Through my healing and transformation journey, I have found so much power that I can harness with my heart, using that to heal from my past and manifest my heart's visions. I believe this, combined with my 15 years' of experience in coaching and leading people, will benefit the lives that I come in touch with moving forward.

If you wish to achieve the same and start living a life that matters to you, reach out to me to explore growth opportunities for yourself. It will be the greatest gift and greatest love you can give to yourself. Because YOU truly deserve it."

From my heart to yours,


Heart Intelligence Coach

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