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Growing Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerhouse for our body, heart, mind and soul. It infuses lightness into our body, fullness into our heart, clarity into our mind, and incidentally, we seem to be able to feel the presence of our soul.

Is this how Happiness feels like?

We recognise Happiness as moments of ecstasy, sensations of satisfaction, excitement of novelty. As fast as it arises, it dissolves away quickly too. In the quest to sustain it, we continue to indulge in people or things that can bring us this definition of Happiness. It seems that we have to hang on to these external factors in order to be happy.

Can Happiness be simpler, coming from non-dependent factors?

When we pay Gratitude to the things we have, the people we love and even for being alive, we grow so huge within that there is no longer space for these external factors that we have been so dependent on. We see what we have, and not what we don't have. Suddenly, we feel full of life.

Happiness is just this simple.

Growing Gratitude is a daily practice, sometimes ritualistic too. If we can sustain it for a week, 2 weeks and even 3, it becomes ingrained in us. As we continue beyond, it gets etched deeper and deeper, so that it happens just like that, without a need for special intention.

Learn how to grow Gratitude from your Heart and become the master of your own Happiness.

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